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5 weirdest city names...

Here are 5 weirdest, most unique and funniest city names that you have probably never heard of before.

Santa Claus, Indiana

Where does this jolly name come from? It was initially named Santa Fe. In 1856, the town applied for a post office with their original name Santa Fe but, unfortunately, the name was already taken by another post office close to this city. Therefore, they needed to find a new distinctive name. According to the story, on Christmas Eve, during a meeting to decide its name, the doors opened and a little girl heard Santa's slay bells. She then screamed Santa Claus and the town settled with that name.

Ding Dong, Texas

In the 1930s, the Bell brothers owned an unnamed general store. So they asked their artist friend to come up with a sign and a name for their store. He drew two bells, one for each brother, and in the middle were the letters DING DONG. The name stayed and everyone in their community referred to their town as Ding Dong.

Eyebrow, Saskatchewan

The name Eyebrow was inspired by a hill nearby that was shaped like an eyebrow. It is as simple as that

Tiny, Ontario

Tiny was named after Lady Sarah Maitland’s ( wife a 19th century Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada) pet dog. She loved her dog so much that she even decided to name 2 other towns with her dogs’ names, Tay and Flos.

Peekaboo Corner, New Brunswick

It was simply named after a house that was standing at the corner which reduced the visibility of drivers.

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