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Cruises vs. Hotels

Planning a trip on a cruise or living in hotels. Which one is better?

It pretty much depends on your preferences. Some people may prefer hotels over cruises or the other way around. Either way, here are the pros and cons for both of the travel methods.



1. More activities.

Cruises have a lot more activities than hotels. From the beginning of the day to late at night, there is always something occurring for your entertainment and for all ages (From golfing, swimming, reading, drinking, zipline,...).

2. Food

You can find many restaurants in the cruise with different types of food such as Italian food, Japanese food, American food, or even buffet... There's a big variety of eating places where most of them are free.

3. Less stress

Cruises make you less worry about your travel journey because everything is included in the boat. The ship is your transportation as well as your restaurant and your hotel... While if you were in a hotel, you would have to call a taxi to visit somewhere, find restaurants,...

4. Party Party Party

There is always a party happening with music and drinks as soon as the sun sets. People are dancing, singing, drinking as if they were in a club.

5. Visit more countries

You also get to visit more countries for a cheaper price. Since the boat is your only transportation, it is less expensive than taking a plane to travel.


1. Only Islands

You can only visit Islands and not the mainland.

2. Less time to explore

You only have a few hours to visit the destination before the cruise starts moving again. The time in the country is restricted to be able to arrive at the next one on time.

3. Less control

Most of your journey will be happening on the sea. Whereas if you were in hotel, and you wanted to go at the beach late at night, you could. But on the cruise, it is impossible. You have less control on when you want to go visit somewhere.

4. Less space

Your room is really confined (normally smaller than a room in your home ) which can receive up to 4 people.

5. Long waiting time to board.

You will waste at least 2 hours to be able to board on the ship. They make you wait in a long line where everyone is impatiently waiting to go on the cruise for 2 hours before you can even enter it.



1. Quiet

Contrary to a room in a cruise, hotel rooms are more quiet because there are less people passing in front of your door. While in cruise, there are many rooms in the same small hallway so you might here a lot of noise when people are passing by.

2. More space

As I've said it previously, hotel rooms offer much more space than cruises.

3. Unlimited WiFi

On the cruise, there is a limit of how many minutes of WiFi you can use. If you want unlimited WiFi, you will need to pay for it. For hotels, it is completely free.


1. Expensive and less practical

It is much more expensive than the cruise if you were to travel from one place to another. No matter where you went, the cruise was always going to be where you sleep. But if you were to sleep in a hotel, you would need to find a new one every time you go into another city.

To conclude, some people may prefer to stay on a cruise while others prefer hotels. It really depends on your preferences. Basically, I think that cruises suit more people who prefer to relax and have fun while hotels are for the ones who really like traveling and discovering new places.

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